In the nearly three years since I started this blog, I have written about a wide range of topics, but I have never endorsed a party or organization, or used my platform to lobby for a specific cause. Today, I want to make an exception and ask you to take a few seconds to fill out this form and sign up to become a member of Eretz Hakodesh UK.

The reality is that, depending on which demographer you ask, Charedim either already, or will very soon, make up 50% of Jewish births in the UK. We need and deserve real representation on issues we care about and issues that affect us as individuals and as a community, including those to do with Eretz Yisroel. However, neither the UK Jewish establishment nor our own Charedi institutions has any interest in or incentive to give us that voice.

Luckily, though, we do not need to wait for either of them. In America, Rabbi Pesach Lerner blazed the trail for the ordinary Charedi on the street and set up Eretz Hakodesh to run in the World Zionist Congress, working closely with MK Yitzchok Pindrus and receiving endorsements from Rav Chaim Kanievsky זצ’’ל and American Gedolim. On its first try, Eretz Hakodesh revolutionised world Zionist politics in the WZO elections of 2020. Now, Rabbi Jonathan Guttentag is bringing the revolution to our shores, and this is where you come in. In order to ensure that it can run a UK slate in the next elections, Eretz Hakodesh needs enough members to clear all the hoops the Zionist establishment will inevitably place in its path.

So, please, take this first tiny step towards leveraging our latent power as a community: sign up and ask your wife, husband, siblings, parents, adult children, and friends to do the same. Concrete issues like the protection of the Kosel as an orthodox prayer space, or Charedi institutions receiving their fair share of funds rest on it. Eretz Hakodesh has already had tremendous successes, for example lobbying for Yeshiva Bochurim to travel to Israel when the borders were shut during the Covid hysteria. 

Of course, if you have a principled anti-Zionist hashkafa, I respect that, and I’m not asking you to do anything against your principles. But for the majority who, if they were living in Eretz Yisroel, would certainly vote in the Knesset elections, this is the obvious thing to do. Furthermore, for my non-Charedi or Charedi-adjacent readers, Eretz Hakodesh’s agenda is about protecting the interests shared by all orthodox Jews, and is the only slate that can be relied upon on such issues.

So, click the link below, fill in and submit the form, and then have a, kusheren Pesach


Thank you.

One thought on “Join Eretz Hakodesh UK

  1. The comparison between the Knesset and the WZO is disingenuous.
    People who live in Eretz Yisroel, whether they like it or not, have their lives controlled by the Knesset. That is why voting and pushing laws that benefit us is not considered התחברות לרשעים. It is not because of the great need or benefit we derive from it, see the Teshuvos of those who permitted it.
    In Chutz La’aretz, we can disassociate ourselves from Resho’im without them controlling us at all. How can we voluntarily join them? Even for a good purpose, the best purpose of all, התחברות לרשעים is forbidden. I guess פיקוח נפש would be different, but Kosel compromises are not פיקוח נפש.


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